Bloodmark Saga


Werewolf princess Ashling Boru’s eighteenth birthday is only a year away, which means that she only has twelve months before she is claimed and fulfills her prophecy to unite the packs and lead her people. Her father decrees that her four suitors must fight in the Bloodrealms, the werewolves’ ancient underground fighting world, and the winner will have King Boru’s choice to win Ashling’s hand. The wolf laws are rigid and barbaric, and Ashling’s illicit love for Grey, if discovered, will mean his death. But when Ashling and Grey get trapped in the blood-soaked depths of the Bloodrealms, they find ancient horrors far greater than Ashling’s father’s rule.

With betrayal around every corner and old nemeses set to destroy Ashling, she is more divided than ever between the destiny she didn’t choose and the love that she did. To make matters worse, her decision will not only set the course of her future, but the future of her entire race.

Bloodrealms is the second book in the Bloodmark Saga.

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Run with the wolves in the Bloodmark Saga.


“Bloodrealms will transport you to a fantasy world full of glamour, excitement, and the romance between Ashling and Grey will whisk you away!”
– C.A. Gray, author of Intangible

“A must-read for all aficionados of first-class fantasies.”
– Juliann Rich, author of Caught in the Crossfire, Searching for Grace, and Taking the Stand

“Ashling Boru is an engaging and fiery heroine.”
– Wendy Delsol, author of Stork, Frost, Flock, and The McCloud Home for Wayward Girls

Bloodrealms simply sparkles!”
– Jami Brumfield, author of the Winters Saga, Mystery Springs Series, PBI Case Files, and Ghost Connection

“A one of a kind, must-read for all paranormal romance lovers.”
– Emily Fay, blogger for Hooked in a Book


Bloodmark Map for the Bloodmark Saga by Aurora Whittet Best, map illustrated by @hellojenrich

Rock of Cashel the Irish throne of King Pørr of the Boru.
Maine, U.S.A. is the current home of Baran Killian of Scotland.
Netherworlds, Canada is an underground city of wolves.
Dvergar Castle is the throne of King Crob Dvergar in Iceland.
Bloodrealms are the fighting pits and underground wolf cities of Fenir and Stonearch in Norway.
Myceanae, Greece is the throne of Mother Rhea Vanir.